SUSAN UNKEFER graphic design • SIGNAGE 

View or download resume: unkefer_resume_April_2017.pdf


The majority of signage I design, I prefer to produce myself if I have the proper production equipment and tools. Proud of my manual art and craftsmanship skills, as well as design,  I have included several of my signage jobs below.

House of Blues:

The Cleveland House of Blues signage for Scene Magazine and Panera Bread, were designed and produced entirely by me in my home studio, and were hung at HOB for at least 2 years, starting in June of 2010. 

The monitor frames I designed to look like vintage wood in keeping with the vintage folk art theme of the House of Blues interior decor.

For the 18” x 10” wood ticket window signs, I stained, hand painted, stamped and distressed each. 

The Screaming Rooster:

I designed and produced a canvas banner for my client who was the winner of Cleveland’s Metromix Best Live Music Bar of 2011. I printed a 6’x2’ banner on exhibition canvas, and it was hung above their stage until September 2012. 

Crooked River Creations:

Having previously designed this client’s logo, labels, sell sheets, etc... I designed and produced a chalkboard “sandwich board” sign.